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Beginner Cube with Aubrey 10:30-11:30 am

“The aerial cube is made of 55 lbs of solid steel bars, but in this workshop you will learn to tame this beast! We will cover basic inverts, dynamic tricks, and making shapes in the space, all while being suspended in the air. Please do not wear any lotion on your hands and make sure to wear leggings that cover the back of your knees. Also, bring a towel or a yoga mat for our warm up and cool down.”

Intro to Aerial Silks with Callie 11:45-12:45 pm

Intro to Pole Dancing with Liz 1:15-2:15 pm

“Never touched a pole, but curious what it's all about? This is the place for you! The pole is just an apparatus, and the style of the flow is up to you. This class explores a sampler platter of popular pole styles: graceful aerial dance, strength-building and power moves, and sexy, sensual movement. Learn how to strut, slink, and spin. The foundations of gripping the pole, rotating, and climbing will all be covered. To get the most out of class, we recommend you wear booty shorts and a tank top, and don't apply lotion the day of the festival.”

All Levels Lyra with Aubrey 2:30-3:30 pm

“This all levels lyra class will take you to new heights! While focusing on style and flow, you will learn how to move in and out of the hoop gracefully and with finesse! This workshop is open to ALL LEVELS! Please do not wear any lotion on your hands and make sure to wear leggings that cover the back of your knees. Also, bring a towel or a yoga mat for our warm up and cool down.”

Sultry Aerial Sling with Nisha 3:45-4:45 pm

“Learn some basic aerial sling (also called aerial hammock) moves and play with adding your own sassy style! Aerial sling is a fun aerial apparatus to start with, and basic moves like inverting, spinning, and pretty poses are easily accessible to beginners.”

Pole Flow with Liz 5-6 pm

“Spinning Tricks & Transitions Turn, whirl, and take flight as you dance your way up and down the pole. We'll focus on the buttery smooth transitions that make spin pole flow look magical and effortless. This workshop is for those with some pole dancing experience, so if you've never taken a pole class outside of the festival, make sure to take the Intro to Pole Dancing workshop here first.”

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Improv Dance with Ashley 3:34-4:45 pm

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Love Yourself Fan Flow with Sarah 4:45-6 pm

“We will explore body tracers, including head, arms, chest. We will discuss the importance of mindfulness and self love while harnessing beautiful control over our flames. There will be an opportunity to live burn to better incorporate our mindfulness and efforts to becoming closer to our flames. Please make sure if you are choosing to participate in the live burn that you wear the necessary fire safe clothing. There will be fire fans and fuel provided. Let's learn and burn!”

FANcy Tuts with Leena 1:15-2:15 pm

“Using your body as an extension of your prop is the main concept explored in this workshop. Students will learn the basic foundation of tutting then a unique 16 count fan sequence.”

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Beginner Fire Eating with Zeus 3-4:30 pm

“In this class, you learn the history, science, dangers, health risks, and safety protocol with the art of fire eating. Make sure you take notes. Next we go into the practical side of the class where I demonstrate the basic extinguishes, fleshing and transfers to get you experienced enough to be able to start exploring the art with freedom and confidence.”

Fire Safety 101 with Zeus 1-1:30 pm

“If you handle fire props regularly, this class is for you. If you plan on participating in the open fire circle you must attend this class. Fire safety 101 will show you everything you need to know in order to participate in open fire circles, wherever they may happen. You learn to handle incidents while remaining calm and composed and with as little damage as possible.”

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Hooping for Total Beginners with Anna 10:30-11:30 am

“This class is for the total beginner. We will learn waist hooping, weaves, lasso, and other beginner tricks. As well as a beginner routine to help you tap into your new found hooping flow. All beginner hoops will be provided.”

Coinflips & Leg Tricks with Tia 10:30-11:30 am

“This workshop will be great for those looking to upgrade their flow! Tricks and combos taught will include basic coinflips evolved into tosses, rolls, transitions, and more, as well as impressive moves and sequences that utilize the lower half of the body.”

Sassy Hoop Choreography with Porscha 11:45-12 pm

“This class will not be a “trick” class. We will focus on the fundamentals of feeling sexy and confident with your hoop while also learning my sassy hoop choreography! My goal is to influence your perception on the importance of incorporating basic tricks, with a twist. My choreography will contain many basic tricks, but the challenge is tapping into your sassiness!”

Messsmerizing Hoop Trix with Grace 1:15-2:15 pm

“This is an abbreviated version of Grace Good's 2019 Hoop Workshop: Messsmerizing Hoop Trix! Over the years of teaching and performing I have complied my most requested single hoop tricks and techniques through Instagram, YouTube, Classes, & Workshops across the country! Learn some of my signature moves including: The Speedy Helicopter, Coin-flip Smear, Weave Coin-Flip toss, Jaw Breaker Escalator, Backpack Toss, and more. More requested moves & techniques including: Escalator variations, hand spin variations, circus style speed techniques and more. Not only will we be learning these hoop tricks, but we will also be working on what makes a trick *mesmerizing* by adding some performance technique as well as creating sequences with these tricks. Always remembering to keep your own unique style! Join me for Messsmerizing Hoop Trix!”

3D Hoop Hybrids with Leena 2:30-3:30 pm

“Wanna learn how to move in 3D with your hoops? This class will be about how to think in 3 dimensions and use concepts from vtg to manipulate your hoops.”

Combo Creation Game with Anna 2:30-3:30 pm

“Want to discover new transitions in your flow? This game style workshop will have you exploring new ways to transition between tricks you already use in your own flow. We will be playing various games using Combo Cards to help break out of muscle memory and discover new path ways to add to your flow.”

Intermediate Chest Rolls with Porscha 3:45-4:45 pm

“We will explore different chest roll variations while also focusing on the presentation of the chest roll. You will learn how to visually please an audience with hand/arm placement while achieving a beautiful roll! There will also be many “wow” tricks, so come prepared with a light, polypro or HDPE hoop! (5/8 or 3/4)”

Foot Hooping with Maggie 5-6 pm

“In this workshop you will be learning how to hoop on your foot standing up, laying down, and upside down! We will be leaning how to switch feet, roll from your back to your stomach, and how to get into a head and handstand while foot hooping. No prerequisites are required to participate. Yoga mats are recommended!”

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Tutting With Sticks with Chris 11:45-12:45pm

“We're going to step away from circles and see what the grid has to offer in this class. The focus will be on moving around the 9-square with clubs or torches, but there will be plenty of theory to take to other props.”

Juggling 101 with Alex 11:45-12:45 pm

“The basic fundamentals on learning how to juggle. Plus opening the door to some advance 3 ball tricks.”

Intermediate Juggling with Alex 3:34-4:45 pm

“Wanting to step up your juggling skills but don’t know how? Let me help by teaching some 3 ball advance tricks and even the basic 4 ball. In this workshop some 3 ball patterns we will go over but not limited to the box, Boston shuffle, and windmill. If you are satisfied with the 3 ball tricks you know but want to add an extra ball to the equation. I will teach the basic 4 ball pattern along with the fountain pattern.”

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Poi 101 with Katie 10:30-11:30 am

Mixing Up Stalls & Tosses with Ryan 1:45-2:45 pm

“I am going to start with a series on stall chasers and how to explore their possibilities! Then we will be having fun with hand-swaps and some no-beats!”

Advanced Poi with Ron 5-6 pm

“This workshop will cover 3-D Stalls, Stall Chasers, Wall Flowers.”

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Beginner Contact Staff with Ron 1:15-2:15 pm

“This workshop will cover the Flower, Arm rolls, The Steve and the Conveyor Belt. Basics about pinch points and center points will also be covered.”

Messsmerizing Dragon Trix with Grace 5-6 pm

“Messsmerizing Dragon Trix with Grace Good. Learn some of my favorite Dragon Staff tricks and techniques! Great for dragon staff newbies and anyone who wants some new dragon inspiration. We will work on my favorite skills including: static rolls, arm rolls, minimal steve, cheating death, caging, hand spins, some funky tosses and more! No prereqs required. Let’s get tricky!”

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Warm-up with Liz 9:30am

AcroYoga with Chris & Brenna 10:30-11:30 am

“AcroYoga is a partner activity that focuses on safe and effective communication, connection, and balance. We will cover not only poses like throne, shoulder stand, and stars, but also safe spotting techniques that allow for the kind of trust that facilitates rapid learning. Bring a yoga mat if you can, no partner required.”

Vinyasa Flow with Maggie 11:45-12:45 pm

Tribal Fusion Buti Yoga with Emily 2:30-3:30 pm

“In this workshop/body positivity party we will discover that the power to heal comes from within. Together we will move energy through dynamic yoga asana while experiencing strong energy bursts (improvisational rhythmic peaks) of creative movement with Tribal dance and drumming. This practice is for community of all styles, all genders, and is all about opening yourself up to body exploration! Prepare to get vocal, shred away the layers of doubt, and empower yourself with the energy of the collective! Your favorite colors, comfortable dance wear, and tribal paint is always inspired* We will close out in a cypher dance circle that will lead us to a cool down savasana. Bring a yoga mat and water. Come as you are, you will be accepted, welcomed, and embraced <3”

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